Tinny Traction boat seats/cushions are soft, safe and warm. They turn the cold, hard world of the aluminium dinghy into a warm, comfortable place to spend your leisure time.

Tinny Traction seats are made from a 17mm soft density, high quality, PE foam layer, laminated to a higher density 3mm EVA top layer.

The highest quality “peel and stick” pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is applied to this dual laminate.

This gives a hard wearing seat that is soft enough to sit on all day and hard enough to take the knocks, cuts and abrasions of a day’s fishing.

The spine jarring days of getting to “Spot X” are over… with Tinny Traction seats you will not slip and slide as it is non-slip when wet.

All materials are inert to oil based products. eg. Fuel and oil are easily cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Tinny Traction seats are available in6 widths: 24cm 28cm 32cm 35cm 37cm 40cm 
These widths suit the common boat seat widths: 27cm 30cm 35cm 37cm 40cm 42cm

Tinny Traction seats are available in lengths from 110cm to 190cm.

Colour Available: Sky Blue


Check out these common makes and models to determine what size you need or just get out the old tape measure!

Be sure to order 2cm less than you need for width and at least 3cm more than you need for length… for a clean looking flush fit……eg boat is 30 x 146….seat needed is 27 x 150

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