How long will it last?

The materials used in TT are of the highest quality and will last from 5 - 10 years in normal circumstances. To preserve its softness, it is recommended to keep out of direct sunlight when not in use for long periods.

What is it made of?

TT is made up of a 17mm layer of polyethylene foam laminated to a higher density 3mm layer of EVA foam. The highest quality available PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) is laminated to the bottom with a paper backing sheet.

Can I leave it out in all weather conditions?

TT is waterproof and non absorbent so will wipe dry instantly, it will withstand all weather conditions, although prolonged exposure to the sun will cause it to slowly become harder over a long period of time.

What if I spill fuel or oil on the seat?

TT is inert to these substances however a wash with warm soapy water will remove any residue without harming the seat.

What do I do if I stick it in the wrong place?

DON'T!! The superior quality pressure sensitive adhesive used to hold TT to the seat as far too strong to remove once set. Always mark and double check its position before removing ONE side of the backing paper and carefully positioning according to your marks.

How do I cut TT?

To get a clean cut edge, make a hard template to the shape of the boat out of ply, masonite etc. Using a craft knife with at least 20mm blade or an electric carving knife...... take note of the 'flair' angle of the sides of the boat and cut slightly (1 -2 cm) oversize so as to squeeze in for a flush fit.

What happens if 'Little Johnny' peels up the corners?

Any part of the seat/flooring that is ripped up accidentally or otherwise can easily be stuck back down with freely available contact cement.

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