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 Are you a Fisherman or Funseeker in your small boat?

 Looking for the perfect boat seats and cushions?

 Need to have a change in your aluminium boat?

Then you need Tinny Traction boat seating!

Put Tinny Traction into your boat for more water enjoyment: the inlet, lake, river or ocean.

Transform your boat's cold, hard seating to soft and comfortable.

Spend longer in your boat due to more comfort and no fuss!

Check out this new way to apply soft, safe, warm, non-skid seating. You’ll find it easy to apply…… simple and effective: ONE STEP & FORGET

Easy to clean and waterproof! (No long lasting fishy or fuel smells)

More room to move about in your boat while on the move or catching your dream fish!
To ensure a flush fit, check the Installation Tips and your seat size in Seating.

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